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Are there summer and internship programs for business?

QUESTION: I am an African American high school junior who is interested in pursuing a career in business management or entrepreneurship while investing in stocks and real estate property on the side. I'm in a business class and am involved in Business Professionals of America and DECA, the association of marketing students. I'm also trying to start a magazine before I graduate. Are there any internship or summer programs that will help me enhance my love for business, marketing and Wall Street? Signed, CEO-in-Training

Dear CEO-in-Training: Fortunately, many businesses see the value in getting students involved in the field and gaining work experience early. The Leadership Education and Development Program offers Summer Business Institutes, three to four week residential programs for high school juniors at 12 business graduate schools. During the programs, students participate in classes with university professors and business executives on marketing, accounting, finance, economics, computer science, ethics and entrepreneurship, visit Fortune 100 companies and meet with senior executives.

The Constitutional Rights Foundation offers paid internships for underrepresented high school sophomores and juniors at law firms, businesses, media companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

And, the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University is a one-week residential program meant to educate students about various careers in accounting/business and design arts through classes, business trips and team projects. There are 30 scholarships for high school minority sophomores or juniors in each program.

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